Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey World!!

Hi!! My name is Che Ku Noor Adibah bte Che Ku Abdullah..just call me Che Ku or Dibah. I'm from Terengganu and now I'm studying in Business Study under UiTM at IKIP Collage. I'm 21 years old. At my free time, I like to read and somtimes cooking. I have an ambition,. One day, I want to be a businesswoman because I like doing business. Futhermore, it can give me more challanges in life. Not only that, business also can give high profits. .huhu..

Before that, there is something which is my top priority that is to repay my mom's deeds and want to her happiness in her life because without my mom, I won't be standing here today. I wanted to study hard so that I can archive a great success in my life. I'm hoping that all my dream will come true.

p.s - pic from here.

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