Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Body function.

Everybody yawns, from babies to adults. Even animals yawn. But why do we yawn? To tell you the truth, no one has the exact answers. However, there are many theories and ideas about why people yawn.

Reasons why people yawn.

To help our body bring in more oxygen into the blood.

To help our body move more carbon dioxide out of the blood.

To stretch the lungs and lung tissue as a means of flexing the muscles and joints, increasing the heart rate so that we feel more awakes.

To help keep the lungs lubricated with an oil-like substance so that it won’t collapse.

Did you know??

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What are rashes?

- Rashes or its scientific name : dermatitis are swellings and irritation of the skin. It is usually red, dry, scaly and itchy. Sometimes it can looks like pimples or lumps growing on your skin. Some rashes, especially combined with a fever, can be signs of serious illnesses and the person may need immediate medical attention.

Types of rashes.


– a common rash for kids that causes the skin to be dry, chapped and bumpy and its usually occurs on the areas around your elbows and knees. In serious cases, it can also spread all over your body.

Irritant contact dermatitis

caused by contact with something irritating such as chemical, soap or detergent. It can be red, swollen and itchy.

Allergic contact dermatitis

- a rash caused y contact with something that you are allergic to. For example, wool, rubber, paint, dust and certain types of metal.

How to treat rashes?

Wear a long sleeves and pants when you’re going camping or hiking.

If you wear jewelry, avoid the one that can irritate your skin.

Take cool showers because hot showers can make your skin dry.

Keep your skin from being to dry by applying lotion and moisturizers.

Lastly, when going outdoors, always wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn which can also be itchy and paitful.